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Winter 2024 AUDITIONS

About Auditions

Hi! We're excited that you're interested in joining the UW A Cappella Club!


Due to this competitive season's timeline, all audition groups have already obtained sufficient members and will not be running auditions at the moment.


If you are still interested in joining UW A Cappella this term, you can join ACE, our non-audition group! Check out our Instagram @UWACC for further information.

You can find each of the following groups' social media handles here.

The AcaBellas are an upper-voice auditioned group under UWACC. This term we will largely be focusing on skill building, community development through socials, and of course creating a cappella content! We encourage everyone to audition and we look forward to seeing you! 🌶

The Musical InterDudes are a small-sized lower-voice auditioned group with a focus on musical comedy. 💛

ACE is UWACC's open (that means non-auditioned) mixed voice group! They will be running in-person this term and are planning for a term of engaging socials, workshops, and practicing songs all members can participate in. 

The Water Boys are a mid-sized lower-voice auditioned group under UWACC. They will be holding rehearsals once a week to make a BOMB set for UWACC's end of term concert! They encourage everyone, regardless of gender, to audition and they look forward to seeing you! 💧

The Unaccompanied Minors are a mixed-voice auditioned group under UWACC. They'll be holding rehearsals once a week along with many social events to foster a strong community! They're excited to create some hype music. They encourage everyone to audition!!! They are so excited to welcome old and new faces to the Minors family! 💜

In Full Colour is a mixed voice auditioned group focused on storytelling. This year, they are focused on collaboratively creating a beautiful set to perform and connect with all audiences! We're looking for storytellers and creatives interested in songwriting, music composition, video directing, etc. This group is a two-term commitment!🌈

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